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How the FDA Lied About the Dangers of Vaping

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Shockingly, in the last five years, tobacco usage has not reduced at all despite remarkably effective advertising against tobacco.

Even more shocking, this statistic remains true despite cigarette smoking dropping by half, cigar smoking by a third, and pipe smoking by two-thirds.

If this seems like a contradiction, that’s because in the ways that matter to most, it is. The FDA has committed a bit of statistical wizardry by lumping into the category of tobacco products…e-cigarettes.

But why?

It’s All About the Money, Money, Money

It’s interesting to note that the CDC is playing essentially the same game as the FDA, making the claim that tobacco usage has hardly dropped in the last five years.

If you’re suspecting an ulterior motive here, you’d be right on the money. Essentially, tobacco is an enemy to be fought, an enemy that needs… funding.

And when that target doesn’t grow any smaller, then the problem seems more urgent.

According to the FDA, it’s totally fair to classify e-cigarettes as a tobacco product because e-cigarettes contain nicotine. You’ll note e-cigarettes, however, do not contain¬†tobacco.

It Still Contains Carcinogens

According to the FDA, this classification is also justified by the fact that e-cigarette smoking is not totally free of carcinogens.

Of course, the FDA neglects to mention that these carcinogens are only present in very small amounts. The prestigious Cochrane Review estimates e-cigarettes to be about 95 percent safer than normal cigarettes in fact–no small number.

This doesn’t even mention the fact that e-cigarettes are an effective method to wean someone off of the much more harmful tobacco products.

In a perfect world, perhaps, people would decide to abandon smoking entirely, real or electronic. But insofar as e-cigarettes are a viable and much safer alternative, inflating their risk seems like a poor choice.

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