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6 Facts About DC Marijuana Law

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Although marijuana use, cultivation, and consumption remain illegal on a federal level, DC is among the states that’s legalized cannabis and passed its own marijuana laws.

Currently, there are only a handful of DC marijuana dispensaries, and many people have turned to gifting pop-up events to obtain weed.

Continue reading to learn more about the legalities of these pop-up events, and DC’s, often complex, pot laws.

Here are six facts about DC marijuana law.

1. DC Residents Can Only Use and Grow Pot on Private Property

Under DC marijuana law, residents that are 21 or older may use or grow small amounts of cannabis on private property.

They are also allowed to obtain marijuana through gifting exchange. Rather than purchase marijuana from a seller, individuals can buy another item and receive a free marijuana product in exchange.

2. Gifting and Pop-Up Events Are a Legal Gray Area

A large number of vendors conduct gifting exchanges at pop-up events.

They will promote a non-marijuana product, and individuals have to opportunity to purchase an associated item like a sticker, shirt, raffle ticket or cup in exchange for a cannabis gift.

While these events are often held at establishments throughout the city, individuals and businesses are becoming more cautious of gifting exchanges and events, which have been the subject of police raids.

3. Public Consumption is Illegal in DC

While possession arrests decreased substantially between 2014 and 2016, public consumption arrests soared from 99 in 2014 to an average 274 arrests in 2015 and 2016.

4. DC Marijuana Law Requirements

In order to obtain a DC medical marijuana card, residents must receive a written recommendation for a registered medical marijuana provider.

They are also required to complete and submit an application, present two forms of ID, and pay a $100 fee. Processing typically takes 30 days.

5. Synthetic Marijuana is Becoming a Problem

A synthetic form of marijuana known as K2 is frequently sold at gas stations and corner stores. Its use is becoming widespread and has led to an increasing number of emergency calls for suspected overdose.

6. Increased Job Opportunities for Minorities and Women

The DC marijuana market has provided more high-paying jobs for underrepresented groups.

In support of this trend, the DC Council passed a measure to give minorities preferential status to working at DC dispensaries and cultivators.

Learn More About Medical Marijuana in DC

If you would like additional information about medical marijuana in DC, please call our office today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Bruce Rashbaum.

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