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The Awkward Conversation You Need to Have Before Sex

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Most of us are not discussing possible sexually transmissible infections (STIs) before having sex.

Like most things sex, these kind of discussions can feel too awkward. But that isn’t an excuse, your health is too important—you’re too important.

You don’t have to feel nervous and anxious about this stuff anymore. Here are some points to remember about talking STI tests with your partner.

Don’t Wait for the Pants to Come Off

The dinner table might be wrong place for bringing up STI test results. But any casual scene outside of that is perfectly OK as long as it is before your clothes are coming off.

If you find yourself in anything resembling a one-night stand, catch yourself, and get the conversation out of the way early, before you’ve even left the bar—giving a whole new meaning to the old adage of how the early bird gets the worm.

This Won’t Be a Sexy Conversation

Doctor visits aren’t sexy. Discussing medical history won’t be either. But it’s just as important.

Start With Your Most Recent Test

This discussion doesn’t have to be long interrogation. Ask about your partner’s most recent test. Never feel worried about bringing this up.

Some of the younger crowd may feel like they’re making a hookup too serious, but this stuff is necessary. And so are condoms.

Be Ready to Provide Information

Be informed. That almost goes without saying. If you happen to have tested positive be aware of your diagnosis and symptoms.

All of this is vital information not only for yourself but will also put your partner at ease, resulting in a better experience for both parties.

Don’t Blame Your STI on Anybody Else

OB-GYN Colleen Krajewski recommends choosing your words wisely. Don’t place the blame on somebody else.

Don’t say your ex “gave” it to you.

Simply say you and your partner contracted chlamydia, for example, and were treated and no longer have it.

Avoid Only Thinking About Yourself

If your partner reveals that they have an STI, thank them for their honesty and don’t immediately blurt out something like, “How much risk am I in?!”

Be Sure to Respond

Dr. Krajewski reminds us, “This story’s not about you.” Follow-up questions and thoughtful responses show your partner how much you appreciate them sharing something so personal.

Your partner cares about you

These conversations no less awkward for your partner. But if they are willing to share with you, they clearly care their relationship with you.

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