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B12 Shots: Good or Bad?

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There might not be a supplement more popular than B12 vitamins. So popular in fact some people are even opting on receiving injections of the stuff—supposedly for an increase in thinking power or weight loss.

But is there a downside to vitamin B12. Or is it worth the hype?

Firstly, B12, also known as cobalamin, is a water-soluble vitamin. And it does contribute to brain function and making red blood cells.

If somebody lacks the proper amount of B12 in their system they are referred to as “B12 deficient” and often anemic.

For example, most vegan and vegetarians (90 percent, actually) are B12 deficient. This is because the vitamin B12 is prominent in animals and are absorbed into the bloodstream when digesting meat and protein.

It is in a variety of animal meat that B12 is potent. These include trout, ground beef, milk and chickens.

There is also a common drop in B12 seen in the elderly, and people returning from intestinal surgery, as well as those with Crohn’s disease.

Luckily for the B12 deficient, B12 shots are extremely efficient at raising blood levels and red blood cell formation—these are the fells that transport precious oxygen. It much first be prescribed by a doctor.

There have been some slight associations between B12 and depression. But the scientific research and studies just aren’t ample enough to draw serious conclusions.

All told, B12 shots have no fatal or concerning side effects. In addition to raising red blood cell count, the injection helps prevent osteoporosis and supports healthy, strong bones. There is also a strong energy boost element to B12.

Find out from Dr. Bruce Rashbaum at Capital Medical Associates if you’re B12 deficient.

After attempting to increase your levels with the aforementioned find, ask your doctor about an injection. These should be reserved for when a patient finds other options lacking.

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