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Can Botox Really Make You Happy?

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A Curious Effect

Can Botox really make you happy? Strange as it may seem, doctors found an interesting side effect of Botulinum toxin.

It was making people happier! Studies have borne this out many times, and doctors were forced to take note.

There is, of course, one easy answer. People who inject Botox may just be happier because they’re feeling better about themselves.

They look in the mirror and see themselves as more attractive, and this projects outward into their day.

They walk around radiating confidence, and as a result, they’re treated better by those around them too.

So, cosmetic or not, the lift on depression may really just be skin deep.

Can Botox Really Make You Happy? Yes, but Maybe It’s Not so Simple!

Some scientists, however, have provided a different and altogether more intriguing explanation.

According to research in the June 2016 Journal of Psychiatric Research, Botox may actually be working as a sort of antidepressant.

By modulating the nerves which make us frown, and which also tell the brain we’re sad, we may in fact be directly affecting our brain’s perception of happiness.

In fact, many times the happiness effect of Botox lasts longer than the change in appearance.

Physiology? Psychology? Does it really matter?

Cosmetic treatment is a big step for anybody. Besides being a change to how you look, many people have a hard time reconciling cosmetic treatment with their sense of self. But new studies are coming out over and over.

These treatments do wonders for your confidence and your mood. Botox does so much for you that people are thinking it might be an antidepressant.

If you want to find out more about this effect, check this resource online. With results like that, it’s time to start questioning if all the handwringing is over nothing. Is it a social effect? Or an internal effect?

It doesn’t matter.

Because, when you ask the question, can Botox really make you happy? The answer is yes!

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