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What is CBD and Can it Treat Cancer?

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You may have heard about the use of medical marijuana to treat cancer. While this is surprising for many, it’s also often treated with skepticism.

After all, people are always fielding new cures for cancer, ranging from random herbs to bathing in an iron bath–but could Cannabidiol–or CBD–actually have promising effects for the treatment of cancer?

The answer is yes.

A Small Miracle Compound

CBD has many, many positive effects that make it wonderful for your general health, and also great for treatment of cancer pain.

It’s anti-inflammatory. It has anti-oxidant properties. It’s anti-convulsant. It’s neuroprotective, good for digestion, and has been shown to encourage neuroplasticity.

If anything, the simple anti-inflammatory and pain managing properties of CBD make it great in the treatment of cancer. Helping patients reduce their pain as they deal with a condition as terrible as cancer is a huge boon, and can even improve long-term outcomes.

But CBD might have even more benefits — by possibly having anti-tumor properties.

How CBD Might Be Able to Reduce the Risk of Cancer

Cancer is essentially an issue of cells growing too rapidly. They lose certain signaling properties that signal cell death, or that tell cell growth to stop, or that stop the cells from traveling to other parts of the body.

Some studies indicate that CBD actually slows growth in cancerous cells or even cause cell death. The ability to stop the growth of cancer is fundamental to stopping cancer writ large.

Which means that CBD might have an effect on the direct pathology of cancer. This would make CBD not just effective for treating pain symptoms, but possibly for treating cancer writ large. Some scientists are even researching the development of drugs from the compound to help treat cancer.

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