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How Much Is a Comprehensive Physical?

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From private jets to full-time assistants to premier concierge services, top executives enjoy a lot of perks. And for good reason; an executive can make or break a successful business in ever-changing business landscape.

Healthcare, beyond “good insurance” hasn’t been seen as a perk until recently. So, how can a comprehensive physical benefit your business and how much is one?

More Than a Checkup

Often an annual physical can seem like more of a waste of time than a meaningful look at your overall health.

Your vital signs and cholesterol are checked—and the doc has a short conversation with you about risk factors in your lifestyle.

Cut back on your red meat and cigars, make sure to get rest and exercise. But what if it could make a bigger difference?

A Physical for Executives

Like a standard physical, this type of executive-style comprehensive exam includes a look at your vital signs and routine tests. This means typical cancer screenings, blood pressure check, a look at your vision and hearing, cardiac fitness, etc.

In addition to those screenings, this exam takes an in depth look at lifestyle. How to manage a rigorous travel schedule or stress, and a look at nutrition and physical fitness can be a party of a comprehensive much is a comprehensive physical

For those with particular issues or red flags that suggest more testing, more targeted testing can take place that same day.

For instance, a concerning mammogram leads to a same-day ultrasound.

Convenience vs. Cost

Comprehensive exams cost more than typical annual physicals. But most patients consider the type of care provided to be much more meaningful and convenient. This makes the $1,000-5,000 price tag a good investment for business owners and executives.

Time is money, as the saying goes, and having to schedule several follow-up appointments doesn’t work for those with busy travel schedules.

Likewise, for those managing the day-to-day operations of a successful business. This type of physical is geared to those who need to take a serious look at their health with expediency.

The Impact

Beyond this, the type of counseling in a comprehensive exam is often more specific. A lot of counseling involves encouraging patients to “eat better” or “get more exercise.” Instead, patients can be given actionable and specific guidelines that work to incorporate these changes into their unique lifestyle.

The comprehensive nature of this type of physical intends to give business executives the confidence that their health can withstand the demands of their careers.

Investment in Your Health

While more expensive than a traditional exam, a comprehensive physical can yield benefits that extend to the overall success of your business.

Perhaps instead of asking how much is a comprehensive physical, you should ask how can this exam help me prioritize my health alongside a demanding career?

To discuss a comprehensive physical, give our office a call at (202) 822-6311 or click here.

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