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Concierge Care at Capital Medical Associates

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Concierge Care

To Our Patients:

We, at Capital Medical Associates, are proud of the care we have delivered over the past 13 years. We strive hard to deliver a concierge level of care without the concierge price. In order for us to maintain this level of care that many of you desire and keep returning for, we have found it is necessary to implement a small charge of $250.00 at the beginning of the calendar year.

This fee is necessary due to a variety of reasons. First and most importantly, all the insurance companies, most notably BCBS , have lowered all reimbursements for all services beginning 2017.

So despite our costs rising, they are lowering our Capital Medical Associates Washington DCpayments. Secondly, you have all experienced the trials and tribulations of getting your medications approved. It is a challenging environment and requires additional paperwork, leg work, telephone calls and then more paperwork.

This is an unfair burden placed upon both us and you by the insurance companies but it is the reality of medicine today. We strive hard to deliver a quality of care that we think is hard to match in Washington, DC.

We call back all our patients with their lab results. We are available for consultation via email and phone. We have same day appointments and if allowable get your prescription requests out within a few hours of the time we receive them… as long as we do receive a request for them.

We will match our physical exams with any in this city. You get a thorough history taken as well as a comprehensive physical examination. This is not done by most internal medicine practices.

Why you might ask? Because most practices run a factory. We do not. We allow for adequate time for each scheduled appointment. We allow emergency work in’s. We answer your questions and hopefully fix the issues that brought you into us. We care about what we do and we strive to “Do No Harm.”

It is through years of attention to detail that we have grown to be able to provide these levels of individualized care to you. The only other option would be for us to not accept any insurance.

While, after a survey of our patients, taken over the summer of 2016, found that a majority would support this move, a significant minority would not and we want to be able to provide care for all the patients we have treated for over the past few decades.

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