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How Concierge Medicine in Washington DC Benefits Your Health

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Many adults in Washington DC may feel rushed through their primary care appointments. Almost like their concerns were brushed off.

In this case, the old model of medicine is failing them.  Concierge medicine in Washington DC solves that problem by making medical care a priority instead of an assembly line.

How Does Concierge Medicine in Washington DC Work?

First, medical membership in Dr. Rashbaum’s concierge medicine plan requires a $300 annual fee. This fee covers costs that don’t fall under health insurance coverage.

All members of the medical membership program receive a comprehensive physical and medical history. This step is the cornerstone of the in-depth treatment you can expect from our medical membership.

Perks of Concierge Medicine

concierge medicine in washington dc

Second, admission to the medical membership program provides access to the concierge medicine services that work for busy lives.

For example, lab results are relayed via phone calls. Prescription refills can be sent to the pharmacy the day they’re requested.

Beyond that, you can interact with your doctor via telephone and email—saving time. Phone consultations allow your doctor to create the most expedient treatment plan possible.

Who Needs Concierge Care?

Patients with complex medical situations or those with chronic illnesses can particularly benefit from concierge medicine. Often times these types of patients feel rushed with their visits to the doctor.

Concierge medicine in Washington DC with Dr. Rashbaum’s practice allows him to spend quite a bit of time with each patient, rather than keeping appointments to an arbitrary 20 minutes.

Furthermore, with the emphasis away from insurance coverage, Dr. Rashbaum will not be constrained by the treatment options he can provide for his patients. This means that he can order exams, labs, and tests that he thinks will be particularly useful to his patients.

Concierge Medicine in Washington DC

We hope this blog has shed some light on what we think is a more personal and comprehensive model of medicine.

If more detailed care and access to your doctor sound like something that appeals to you, contact our office to learn more.

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