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Exercise and Cancer

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Given the many types of cancer, we must all take a proactive approach to cancer prevention. Simple exercise habits can lower the risk of developing breast, colon and uterine cancers.

Exercising consistently is a great way of maintaining a healthy weight as obesity increases the risk of cancers like esophageal and kidney cancer. It also regulates healthy hormone levels.

Rising hormones have been associated with increased chances of breast and endometrial cancer. Exercise also encourages healthy digestion. Simply speeding up the digestion process decreases the risk of certain cancers.

But what does “consistent exercise” mean? And how intense is it?

Not very intense at all! The recommendation of vigorous exercise a week is just 75 minutes. Or if you prefer a more moderate workout, 150 minutes per week will do.

What constitutes vigorous exercise? Imagine jogging or running and being able to speak clearly, but not so casually as to be able to carry a full conversation. Try bicycling or swimming.

Moderate? Talking will be easy enough, but singing won’t! This could include walking or yoga.

Another trick is to check off your minutes of activity little by little. A great rule of thumb is to be sure to get up and be active for two minutes for every two hours you’re awake. This will entail limiting the amount of time spent sitting down. Something so simple as sitting less can save your life as prolonged sitting leads to weight gain, and that obesity and chronic diseases.

And don’t forget about pumping a little iron. Muscle building boosts metabolism which is great for cancer prevention. Strength exercise, also known as resistance training, can be the act of squats or pushups. You don’t even need a gym membership for those!

This will make for a healthier living for you and the children in your life. Set a terrific example for them.

Kiddos should be exercising everyday just like the grownups.

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