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Travel Medicine: Fighting Diarrhea While Traveling

It’s always good to watch out for your health while traveling.

But if there’s anything that really ruins your vacation experience, it’s traveler’s diarrhea.

How Do I Avoid It?

It might seem obvious, but it bears repeating. Make sure you wash your hands! That’s the first line of defense for not getting traveler’s diarrhea. Carry around some hand sanitizer so you’re always prepared.

Otherwise, some of the basic travel tips involve being disciplined about what you ingest. Only drink bottled water – and make sure that the ice in your drink isn’t made with tap water.

As tempting as the street vendor food is, know that you’re always running a risk. To that end, at the very least make sure you only eat thoroughly cooked foods.

What If I Already Have It?

Unfortunately, life happens, and if you’re reading this article it may already be too late. In which case, it’s not going to be easy, but here are some things you can do to ease the pain.

Pepto-Bismol can go a long way shortening the duration of your illness. In fact, you can take Pepto-Bismol preventatively with your meals.

Imodium tablets can too – take two, and one after each bout of diarrhea. But don’t take more than 8 in one day.

If possible, try to get to a doctor and get an antibiotic prescription.

If you have traveler’s diarrhea, you’re losing a lot of water. But you can’t just drink water, because your body won’t fully absorb it. Why? Because you’ve lost electrolytes.

So try and visit a pharmacy and buy oral rehydration solution packets.

Because it may not be easy to procure these items while traveling, it’s best to prepare these items before your trip.

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