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How to Find a Good Internal Medicine Doctor

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How to Find a Good Internal Medicine Doctor

More people have health insurance than ever before.

So a lot of us are asking the same questions like just how do you find the right physician for you?

Most plans require you have a primary care provider. Developing a strong relationship with your doctor can mean better overall health. This will be the person you can talk to about everyday concerns and the one referring you to specialists.

Here’s how you can find the perfect doctor for you and your family.

Go Through Your Insurance

Search your insurer’s directory and website for doctors in your network. Be sure to call your insurance directly to confirm the physician still covered.

Hospital Affiliation

If there is a hospital you have had quality experience at, find out which doctors have admitting privileges with them.

Confirm Board Certification

Use the website to confirm a doctor’s certification.

The American Board of Medical Specialties certifies doctors who have earned a degree from qualified medical schools, completes residency training, and are licensed by a state medical board.

Be Aware of Malpractice

Sometimes even the best of doctors can face sanctions or even be sued. However, avoid doctors with a long history of malpractice claims.

Getting Along

Healthcare can be equal parts expertise and customer service. During your first visit, pay attention to how well you and the doctor get along. Find someone who is mindful of your concerns, respectful, and explains diagnosis and treatments in clear and simple fashion.

Drug Reps

A number of doctors have contractual agreements to let pharmaceutical companies pitch drugs to their patients. You may not be completely comfortable with a physician whose choice of drugs can be influenced by Big Pharma.

Office Policies

Feel free to ask about office policy. This is the clinic you will be making routine appointments with. You need a doctor who can promise a professional experience for their patients.

Office Staff

Another significant part of the office experience is the staff. Never settle for a team that isn’t entirely friendly and professional. This is who you will be working with about scheduling, and insurance questions.


Technological advancement is a part of every aspect of our lives. Now doctors have patient portals for you to view electronic health records.

You have to be certain that your vital information will be safeguarded. Talk to any potential physicians about their web access.

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