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People at High Risk of Developing Flu–Related Complications

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We think of the flu as a very mundane thing–something you can avoid, but that can be rough if you so happen to catch it.

But the flu is actually a very serious disease. It’s only thanks to the marvels of modern medicine that we tend to forget that flu-related complications can mean serious issues, and even death.

While many of us will never stare down death in the face from getting the flu, certain demographics are at a higher risk.

Children and the Elderly

The most obvious examples of those liable to suffer serious flu-related complications are children and the elderly. Particularly, children under the age of five and adults over the age of 65.

The demographic that faces the most danger of all, however, is children under the age of two.

Among ethnicities, American Indians and Alaska natives have a higher risk of flu complications as well.

Medical Conditions That Can Exacerbate the Flu

Besides demographics, medical conditions can make the flu worse as well. These medical conditions include asthma, neurological and neurodevelopmental conditions, lung disease, heart disease, blood disorders, endocrine disorders, kidney disorders, liver disorders, and any disorder that can lead to a weakened immune system.

All of these, and more, can lead to serious flu-related complications if these conditions co-exist with a case of the flu.

The main takeaway here is to be extra careful if you’re an at risk population. For one thing, make sure to get your flu shot every year.

Moreover, follow all of the basic precautions in maintaining your health: wash your hands, avoid those who are sick with the flu and especially avoid sharing food with them, maintain your health through diet, sleep and exercise, and overall just keep your eyes peeled every flu season.

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