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Health Concerns to Watch in Your 40s 

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Did you know there are many health concerns to watch in your 40s?

While most doctors will attest that the majority of 40 years old are in good health, there are some conditions that can present themselves during this decade of your life.

Bladder Issues

As you age your bladder ages as well.

In some cases, your bladder muscles may thicken as you get older which can lead to an overactive bladder.

Kegel exercises, vaginal estrogen creams and other medications can help if you are finding this to be an issue.

In some cases, Botox can even be injected in order to combat an overactive bladder.

Kidney Stones

These painful pests can arrive as we age.

If you are experiencing kidney stones, you should speak with your doctor about dietary changes you can make to help prevent them from coming back.


Around the mid 40 age range some women may begin to experience premenopausal symptoms.

Decreased libido, hot flashes and irregular periods can be symptoms of perimenopause.

Hormone therapy is a great way to address these symptoms as we age.


Hypertension or high blood pressure can become a more common problem as you approach your 40s.

If left unchecked, you may be at a higher risk for stroke or heart attack.

Managing your stress as you get older and going in for routine checkups are a smart way to combat hypertension.

Skin Cancer

One of the major skin concerns that can prove risky if untreated is skin cancer.

As you get older be sure to continue routine skin self-checks and visits to your dermatologist.

Additionally, using sunscreen is always an important step when taking care of your skin.

Health Concerns to Watch in Your 40s

For more information on health concerns to watch in your 40s it is best to first speak with your doctor.

At Capital Medical Associates we can help you navigate your health through all of the decades of your life.

To learn more about who we are and what services we offer at Capital Medical Associates visit our website today or call us to schedule an appointment at (202)552-1912.

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