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HIV Specialist Washington DC

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HIV Specialist Washington DC

Capital Medical Associates collaborates with the Washington DC health community to transform lives through care, innovative research done in-office and building community awareness in Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC.

HIV healthcare in Washington DC isn’t just about treating the illnesses or disease; it is about preventing illness.

Dr. Bruce Rashbaum, key opinion leader on HIV Care Washington DC believes that by promoting screening and maintaining annual health plans, the illness can be prevented.

Capital Medical Associates does this by offering clients and patients a “medical home base” where our health care providers and staff work as a team in partnership with patients to achieve optimal health outcomes and .

Capital Medical Associates strives to deliver the highest quality of primary care in the Washington DC Metro Area that is accessible. Our mission is to be on the cutting edge of innovative health care practices. We commit, respect and embrace the cultures of our employees, patients and the communities we live to serve.

Capital Medical Associates provides simple, educational, spiritual and practical support to patients with terminal illness and chronic disease states, especially those living with HIV/AIDS.

We provide the ability to build custom treatment protocols and complete healthcare management for people with AIDS in Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland–as well as their families.

Our Medical Family offers client advocacy, prescription drugs, and other clinical referrals, in addition to community outreach in Washington DC. Many of our healthcare providers are pharmaceutical educators and speakers on the most up to date treatments in HIV/AIDS.

We have experience in treating:

  • Women and Men with HIV/AIDS
  • Children of parents with HIV/AIDS
  • Medical care and HIV specialty care, including primary care, nursing care and gynecology
  •  HIV and STI testing
  •  Community education
  •  Outpatient pharmacy & adherence counseling
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Psychiatry & mental health counseling
  • Substance abuse treatment
  • Medical case management
  • Health education; HIV risk reduction counseling
  • Partner counseling and referral services
  • Outreach for those out of care
  • Support groups

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