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How to Choose a Primary Care Doctor in Washington DC

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Selecting a primary care doctor, who will potentially manage your medical needs for years to come, can be a daunting task. In fact, this provider will be someone that you designate as your first point of contact for preventative as well as therapeutic care.

So, what should you consider when looking for a new physician?

Continue reading for five tips on how to choose a primary care doctor in Washington DC.

1. Ask Yourself What You Want in a Primary Care Doctor

In order to choose a primary care doctor that’s right for you, first determine what factors are important to you. For some patients, training and years of experience may take precedence, while others closely consider the physician’s personality and bedside manner.

Additionally, take into account if you want a primary care doctor that practices medicine with a more aggressive or conservative approach and his or her area of expertise.

2. Identify Your Healthcare Needs

Another way to narrow your search is to define the type of medical care that you need. Primary care doctors typically serve as your first point of contact in the healthcare system and focus on wellness, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of a wide-range of medical concerns.

3. Get a Referral from Friends and Family

Friends, family members, and colleagues can offer first-hand experience and let you know what you can expect as a patient of a certain provider. Therefore, a referral from someone you know and trust can be invaluable in choosing a primary care doctor in Washington DC.

4. Feel Comfortable with Your Choice of Primary Care Doctor in Washington DC

Patients take a great deal of care in selecting a primary care doctor because they hope to find a provider with whom they can build a long-term relationship.

With that being said, you should be sure that you feel comfortable with the provider and that he or she takes time to listen to your concerns, provides explanations in terms that you understand, anticipates your healthcare needs, and offers thoughtful solutions.

5. Consider Logistics

Logistics can sometimes make or break the relationship with your primary care doctor. That’s why you should always research office location, hours of operation, how appointments are scheduled, ease of getting an appointment, possible wait times, and insurance participation.

If you are looking for a highly qualified and experienced primary care doctor in Washington DC, please call our office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Bruce Rashbaum.

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