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How to Stay Safe in Winter Weather

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After a seemingly mild start to the winter, it seems the cold has finally settled in.

And while it may not be true that the cold literally “gives you” a cold, it’s still true that winter time makes it very easy to get sick.

So here are some tips to stay safe this winter and avoid any issues!

Is Your House Winterproof?

There’s no worse feeling than waking up to a room that’s below freezing, so first thing’s first is to make sure your heaters are good for the winter. Hire a professional to have them inspected.

On the other hand, making sure your smoke detectors are working well! We all like a toasty room, but it’s for the best that it doesn’t get set on fire.

On that note, winterproof your car as well. Check its antifreeze levels. Make sure your tire tread is well-kept and prepared to drive on possibly slick roads.

It’s a good idea to have an emergency kit in your car, should you find yourself stranded. This includes food, water, blankets, extra batteries for your cell phone, and even a first aid kit.

When You Venture Outside, Be Careful

Whether you’ve lived your whole life in Florida, or you’re used to roughing it through 3 feet of snow both ways, make sure to be careful. Always dress warmly.

Bring cat litter or sand with you to sprinkle on ice. No one is immune to slipping, and a broken bone will definitely set you back.

If you can find someone to go outside with you, try to. It’s always better to have someone with you in case something happens, and the cold outdoors can be more dangerous than they immediately seem. And as always, carry your cell phone with you!

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