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Importance of Same Day Sick Appointments

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It’s time for emergency rooms to be reserved for just that—emergencies. Too often parents and their kiddos are forced to visit the ER when they want to address a sudden illness, face-to-face with medical professionals.

In fact, over 25 million children visit their local hospital’s ER every year. And it isn’t always for actual life-threatening concerns. Actually in hardly ever is. But instead vomiting, nausea, fever, or maybe broken bones.

Things that can’t necessarily wait for an appointment in the coming weeks but still serious concerns that may not be worth the drawbacks associated with visiting the ER.

The ER’s painstaking process includes excruciatingly long wait times, the inability to visit with your regular doctor, an up-charge in medical care and even that chaotic, fraught ER atmosphere—you never do know what will come walking through those doors.

So what’s the solution? Same-day sick visits, of course. The American Academy of Pediatrics cites the drop-ins for their reduction int wait time and more hands-on, personal care. Same-day sick visits can be set up with individual hospitals that will track your information, and be ready for any follow-ups—with health history and special needs on file.

This is a great touch that emergency rooms can’t provide or were ever really designed to do.

So now when your child is experiencing vomiting and diarrhea for days, they can make a same-day sick visit and meet with familiar faces. Not show up to bedlam that an ER entails. Emergency rooms are still crucial for the immediate safety of life-threatening issues but other concerns should now be left to same-day sick visits.

These concerns—more common than you may think—are anything from high fever (typically over 103 degrees) and drops in blood sugar to asthma attacks and allergic reactions. Parents can also opt for same-day sick visits for these health issues:

  • Lacerations
  • possible broken bones
  • Strep throat exams
  • Follow-up ER care like help with bandages

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