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How Jonathan Van Ness Uses Courage to Cancel HIV Stigma

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Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness is known for being a positive influence on those in need of style makeover. He has also chosen to reveal that he is HIV-positive in hopes of reducing the stigma around the disease and encouraging an open and honest discussion about HIV. HIV stigma is still prevalent in Washington DC and the rest of the US.

Here’s how Jonathan is making over the stigma of HIV and helping knock down barriers that prevent people from seeking testing and treatment.

How Jonathan Van Ness of ‘Queer Eye’ is Making Over the Stigma of HIV

Jonathan Van Ness recently made the decision to share his HIV-positive status. Many fans and public figures living with HIV applauded Jonathan’s openness and believe that it will aid in education and help reshape perception of HIV.

It’s not uncommon for entertainers like Jonathan to feel hesitant about revealing their status, due to the fear of judgment and HIV stigma. Many in Washington DC still feel the same.HIV Stigma Washington DC

In fact, there are still a number of people who view HIV and those living with the disease based on old and outdated information. These individuals are unaware about pharmacological advancements that have completely changed the prognosis of HIV and significantly improved day-to-day management.

Why More Public Figures Are Sharing Their HIV-Positive Status

Because this misinformation still exists, Jonathan and other celebrities want to increase awareness about HIV and reduce the stigma that continues to surround it.


Karl Schmid, a red-carpet host and producer for ABC Los Angeles station KABC, announced his HIV-positive status in 2018 in an effort to change the face of the disease. He also hopes that his openness will encourage more people to get tested without being afraid of the repercussions if they are positive.

Reducing HIV Stigma in Washington DC

For additional information about HIV testing, diagnosis, and management, please call our office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Rashbaum.

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