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Keeping Your Skin in Good Condition During the Cold Months

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Everyone’s had that experience where their skin’s so dry that it drives them nuts. It’s good to keep in mind and really understand just what’s being affected.

When your skin gets dry, it also becomes inflamed. Certain conditions are exacerbated, such as eczema.

So when winter comes around, and the winds chafe at your face, what tricks are there for keeping your skin in good condition during the cold months.

1. Going Natural to Keep Your Skin in Good Condition

So much of the stuff that can moisturize dry skin is stuff that goes great in a fruit bowl. Yogurt, honey, pomegranates, and papayas are filled with all great nutrients for the skin.

The probiotics in yogurt will aid your gut flora, while all the vitamins in avocados will nourish your skin by stimulating collagen synthesis.

Another crazy trick? Drink bone broth. The compounds in bone broth aid collagen synthesis too.

And don’t forget aloe – that relief you put on your skin when you touch poison ivy. That gooey sap does wonders for a dry complexion.

2. Watch Those Chemicals

The modern world means we’re around a lot of chemicals. Many of the hygiene products we use on a regular basis are filled with them.

So watch out, and choose your shampoos, soaps, and moisturizers carefully. Try using sun blocks that use minerals and using moisturizers that use oils such as coconut oil.

Shampoos are especially tricky and chemical-laden. Try using shampoo once every few days, and using conditioner every shower instead.

3. Most of All, Stay Hydrated!

Drinking water is one of the best life hacks there is. Dry skin or not, water keeps all your body’s systems functioning smoothly.

You wouldn’t avoid getting your car’s oil changed, after all.

Drink eight glasses a day, and here’s an extra tip. Avoid super long, hot showers, which deplete the natural oils in your skin.

For more information on how to manage that dry complexion and keeping your skin in good condition during the cold months, visit Capital Medical Associates.

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