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Report: LGBTQ Community Would Be Hard Hit by Trump’s 2018 Budget

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With Donald Trump’s cuts to social spending, the LBGTQ community might be particularly hard hit.

In general, marginalized groups will be inequitably hit by these spending cuts.

The “A New Foundation for American Greatness” proposal includes cuts to Medicaid, SNAPS, the CDC, PEPFAR, Planned Parenthood, various Civil Rights’ Offices and Refugee Programs.

Billions of Dollars In Cuts

Medicaid is meant to be cut by over $600 billion over the next decade. SNAPS, by $200 billion. The CDC is losing $186 million in funding for HIV prevention programs. PEPFAR is going to see a $1.08 billion cut.

These are not trivial numbers, and those are just the top of the list.

LBGTQ groups will be extremely hard hit, in many ways because these programs help marginalized groups the most.

For example, as much as 18 percent of LBGTQ members have Medicaid. As a percentage of the population, that’s twice the normal rate.

It becomes worse with the closing of civil rights’ offices and the letting go of the employees that make them up. If Trump’s budget were to be followed, 10 percentvof the employees in these offices would be let go.

LBGTQ members face a staggeringly disproportionate level of job discrimination, and Trump’s budget would go a long way in denying them legal recourse.

A Worrying Trend

While some of the budget can be attributed to a hardline fiscal austerity that is in line with traditional Republican values, some aspects of the budget seem more direct in their implications.

Given other actions taken by the Trump Administration, observers interpret the new budget as simply one more item in a line of polarizing policy decisions the administration has taken, especially given the extremely optimistic and unrealistic projections of growth necessary for the plan to work.

With such lofty expectations of growth juxtaposed with the severe cuts to traditionally marginalized groups, it’s very hard to not see the new budget as politically aggressive.

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