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Medical Cannabis in DC: The Best Way to Access It

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With growing concern about the overuse of opioids, many are looking toward more natural solutions to their health issues when necessary. One of these options is medical cannabis in DC.

Here we share how to obtain a medical marijuana card if you’re a resident of DC, as well as answers to other frequently asked questions.

Medical Cannabis in DC vs. Recreational

Since 2015, the recreational use of marijuana has been legal for adults 21 and over. However, the district continues to impose many restrictions upon such usage.  medical cannabis in dc

Notably, the use of marijuana for medical reasons is also legal; however, those seeking to use medical cannabis in DC need to obtain a medical marijuana card.

Why Consider Cannabis for Medical Treatment?

Research and personal testimony have shown medical cannabis to be a potent treatment for many illnesses and conditions. Those suffering from chronic pain conditions benefit from avoiding the overuse of prescription painkillers.

Other conditions helped by medical cannabis include anxiety, nausea, Crohn’s Disease, Rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, and Multiple Sclerosis. Dr. Rashbaum is happy to discuss the benefits and risks to adding cannabis to your treatment plan.

Obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card

First, patients must make an appointment with a doctor who is qualified by the Department of Health to recommend marijuana for treatment. Dr. Rashbaum is one of the few doctors in DC who is approved to make such recommendations.medical cannabis in dc

After receiving a recommendation for treatment, patients then submit an application to the Department of Health. This application requires a photo ID, picture, and 2 proofs of DC residency—low income patients must also provide proof of income status.

Once you pay the fee and submit your application, the Department of Health will send you a confirmation email, which you should retain for your records.

Medical Cannabis Washington DC

If you think your health may benefit from adding medical marijuana as a treatment option, call (202) 822-6311 or click to schedule an appointment with Dr. Rashbaum.

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