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Obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card in Washington DC

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Medical Marijuana Card Washington DC

If you want to buy medical marijuana in Washington DC, you’ll need a medical marijuana card. But just how do you go about obtaining it?

If you know that you have a condition that can be facilitated in its management with medical marijuana, then your first step is to simply talk to a doctor at Capital Medical Associates about your condition.

Finding the Right Doctor

But what you might not know is that you need to find a doctor authorized to prescribe medical marijuana–like Dr. Bruce Rashbaum at Capital Medical Associates–who can recommend you for it.

Your general physician may also be able to recommend a doctor who’s authorized to prescribe medical marijuana. Besides that, online resources and testimonials can also help in finding a doctor that can prescribe medical marijuana in Washington DC.

DC in general has legalized not only medical marijuana, but residents voted to legalize cannibis for recreational use. Despite attempts by Congress to defund this program, it indicates interest by DC residents in the use of marijuana not just for medical benefits, but for recreational benefits.

How Easy Is It to Enroll in the Medical Marijuana Program?

Since 2016, over 4000 patients have enrolled. Therefore, the program is still fledgling–still dispensaries continue to expand, and patients are finding it easier and easier to get access.

While DC is perhaps not the easiest part of the United States to get access to marijuana, even from just a year ago, patients report much higher ease of access.

But it all starts with a conversation. Scheduling an appointment with Dr. Bruce Rashbaum allows you to get information directly from a physician who is certified to prescribe medical marijuana in Washington DC.

If you suffer from a condition that can be managed with medical marijuana, such as anxiety, depression, chronic pain conditions, bowel issues, or more, then it’s time to talk to your doctor today to see if medical marijuana is right for you.

Want to know more about medical marijuana in Washington DC?

Call Capital Medical Associates to schedule an appointment today with Dr. Bruce Rashbaum, who is one of the few physicians in Washington DC who has the ability to prescribe marijuana.

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