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Medical Membership DC and Coronavirus: How to Plan

The CDC has recently begun promoting plans for citizens to use to prepare for a widespread coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Medical Membership DC and coronavirus: concierge medicine can be an integral part of that avoiding this illness.

From stocking up on a few extra pantry staples to washing your hands more, how you seek your healthcare is another important aspect of preparing for a possible outbreak.

Keep reading to learn how to best prepare for the spread of novel coronavirus to DC.

Plan, Don’t Panic

The CDC urges citizens to remain calm. However, this does not mean ignoring the threat of the virus emerging in our communities.

Food shortages are not expected, but the CDC recommends stocking up on non-perishable foods so that trips to the store can be limited during high-risk events.

While you don’t want to be standing in the check out line with a bunch of coughing people if you don’t have to. However, you don’t need to buy a ton of supplies, just a few extra staples here and there.

Because the spread of the virus may cause school or work closures, planning for back-up childcare or tele-working is important. Consider reaching out to neighbors to stay on top of local closures. medical membership dc

Health Care Considerations

As we plan and prepare for the spread of coronavirus, we need to practice good hygiene. This means more frequent hand washing and practicing other habits that prevent the spread of disease.

Foremost among these is staying at home when you feel ill. While the incubation period of the novel coronavirus may make this difficult, staying home when sick remains important.

Please, wear a mask if you’re sick. Cough into your elbow. Medical Membership DC can be part of your preparation plan.

Medical Membership DC and coronavirus: you can use one to help protect you from the other. Telehealth options allow you to contact your health professional before going in if you suspect that you could have the novel coronavirus.

Medical Membership DC and Coronavirus

Medical Membership, or concierge medicine, allows patients to receive phone and email consultations. The process begins with a comprehensive physical.

Once you’re in the program, you can call in for prescription renewals and get lab results over the phone, rather than going into the doctor. If you do need to come in, we have same day appointments available.

So, whether it’s preventing the flu or quickly refilling prescriptions, medical membership can work for you. Learn more and fill out our registration form here or call (202) 822-6311 to schedule an appointment.

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