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Why Medical Membership is Gaining in Popularity

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What’s Medical Membership?

If you told doctors they’d be able to do less paperwork, spend more time with patients, and possibly save money they might look at you like you’re crazy.

But this new income model is doing just that for some physicians, who are offering patients a bundle of services for a set fee every month.

Reductions in Costs? How?

By offering a bundle of services for a fee each month, doctors can spend less time figuring out how to bill patients. Going the membership medicine route also lets them avoid participation in the Quality Payment Program (QPP).

Less time documenting means more time taking care of patients. And with less to document, administrative personnel can be cut down on — leading to cut costs.

Not only that, but the patient-doctor relationship is redefined when billing is taken out of the equation. Typical payment schemes require a patient to come to settle their bill.

But when this no longer has to occur, doctors are given flexibility in how they deal with patients. We think of “visiting” the doctor–but sometimes it might make sense to just send the doctor an email or even a text.

Capital Medical Associates has seen firsthand that when the bundle of services covers that sort of relationship, rather than paying for every visit, overall care is improved.

A New Model for the Future?

Many doctors are unsatisfied with the current model of medicine. As one doctor puts it, the current model incentivizes seeing as many patients as possible, referring patients, and throwing tests at patients.

All of this rather than actually figuring out what the patient really needed.

Now, this new model may offer doctors a way to keep their income steady and reliable, rather than forcing them to jump through hopes.

Interested in Medical Membership in Washington DC? Call Capital Medical Associates today to schedule your appointment.

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