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Oral Sex Spreading Unstoppable Bacteria

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According to a recent article by the BBC, the World Health Organization has said that oral sex is producing dangerous gonorrhea and a decline in condom use is helping it to spread.

Scary stuff, right?

Gonorrhea has long since been thought of an easy and curable sexually transmitted infection, but thoughts on the disease are now shifting as the WHO warns that if someone does contract gonorrhea, it is now much harder to treat, and unfortunately in some cases it is impossible to cure.

Approximately 78 million people contract the STI each year and the troubling data from the World Health Organization–which analysed data from 77 countries–showed gonorrhea’s resistance to antibiotics was widespread throughout the globe.

Dr. Teodora Wi, from the WHO, stated that in some cases–in Japan, France and Spain–there were patients who faced completely untreatable instances of gonorrhea.

“Gonorrhea is a very smart bug, every time you introduce a new class of antibiotics to treat gonorrhea, the bug becomes resistant,” said Dr. Wi.

Oral Sex and Gonorrhea

Although it is difficult to determine whether or not people around the globe are having more oral sex than they used to, a national survey in the United States found that about two-thirds of 15-24 year olds have ever had oral sex.

Dr. Mark Lawton, from the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV, said people with gonorrhea in the throat are typically unlikely to realize that they have the STI and therefore are more likely to pass it on to someone else via oral sex.

“My message would be to get tested so at least if you’ve got it you know about it,” said Dr. Lawton.

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