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Why Choose a Primary Care Nurse Practitioner?

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The medical landscape is changing, as nurse practitioners fill a much needed gap in service.

Nurse practitioners, or NPs, are quickly becoming a popular choice for primary care–with Americans making 916 million to a nurse practitioner as their primary care provider in just one year.

What’s causing the changes and why should you join these Americans?

The Need for Primary Care

Health isn’t something that individuals can just take care of when problems arise. It’s a holistic and everyday process–and in many ways nurse practitioners are more equipped to handle this process.

Many Americans face a primary care shortage. And while some think the solution would be to train more doctors, some think that nurse practitioners may actually be the answer.

By taking on more of the responsibilities traditionally given to the doctors, nurse practitioners can weave together higher-level duties such as making diagnoses and prescribing medications with paying attention to the patient’s health on a more individual level.

How are they eating? How are they sleeping? Have they kept up their cold turkey on smoking?

While doctors do pay attention to these questions, the distribution of responsibilities means that nurse practitioners can pay much closer attention to patient’s lifestyle choices.

What Does That Mean for Me?

As nurse practitioners grow in popularity–it’s the fastest growing group of professionals for primary care–you have a choice.

Nurse practitioners often have high patient satisfaction rates, and they’re only going to become more available in the United States over the next 10 years.

Americans will be able to choose what they think is best for them–whether that’s sticking to the more traditional setup of having a doctor as their primary care, or to use a nurse practitioner as their primary care.

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