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Primary Care Physicians Prevent Problems, Can Keep Patients Healthy

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The nuance of what a primary care physician is, and why they’re important can often be lost on people.

After all, a doctor’s a doctor, and a specialist is just the doctor you see when you have a specific issue, right?

But relationships are genuinely important to medicine–and the act of taking care of people.

It’s in the Job Description

Many think that the most important job of a doctor is to take care of sick people. But there’s an even more important job.

To take care of healthy people.

When individuals are taken care of before problems arise, a number of things happen. First off, general health improves dramatically–issues are avoided before they even happen.

Next, costs go down for everyone involved. It’s much cheaper to take care of an issue before it comes to pass than to make an emergency room visit.

More than that, regular visits with your primary care physician builds a relationship that encourages you to keep seeing them.

Establishing a Baseline for Treatment

A primary care physician takes care of their patient by learning about the patient–not just the idiosyncrasies of their medical documents and their history, but their behaviors.

Moreover, when your physician sees you regular, they establish a baseline for your health. When something changes, they’ll be the first to pick up on it.

This means, they’ll know when that cough that appears is something to worry about–moreso than if you just see them once in a blue moon.

Medicine is more than just giving finding the right treatment. It’s about maintaining a relationship and maintaining care consistently–to provide the best outcomes for everyone, both patient and doctor.

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