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Stress Management

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Stress is a hot topic of conversation these days, and most Americans believe that they have too much of it in their lives.

Unfortunately, we cannot wish stress away or totally eliminate it, but we can develop techniques to help us cope and manage stressful situations.

Keep reading to learn how stress management can make you less reactive and overwhelmed when dealing with a challenging situation or toxic relationship.

What Is Stress?

Stress is the body’s natural response to changes that occur in our lives. Because change is constant, it’s not possible to remove all stress. However, we can work to identify stressors and learn ways in which we can improve our reactions to immediate and long-term stress.

What Are Some Quick Stress Relievers?

Often times, we may experience acute stress that can trigger a desire to act impulsively. Therefore, it’s important to readily accessible resources that make us feel calmer in the moment.

Some quick ways to practice stress management include: Paced breathing exercises that refocus your attention away from the trigger, brief, intense bursts of physical activity like jumping jacks or wall sits, and submerging your face in cold water.

Why Develop Stress-Relieving Habits?

Compared to quick-fixes, stress-relieving habits are behaviors that we must consciously practice on a regular basis. Over time, this form of stress management can reduce our reactivity and even counteract the stress response.

More specifically, exercise, meditation, and effective communication can all increase resilience in stressful situations and limit feelings of being challenged or stimulated.

How to Reduce and Better Manage Stress?

Since stress is a normal part of everyday life, we should not aim to totally eradicate it. However, a key component of stress management is figuring out ways to minimize triggers and achieve a more reasonable level of stress.

Additionally, you can eliminate specific stressors, such as a toxic relationship, to lessen your load and free up your energy to handle other changes that come your way.

To learn more about stress management in Washington DC, please call Capital Medical Associates today to schedule an appointment.

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