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While pushing your 30s and 40s, it is completely natural to experience a decline in testosterone. So it is also completely natural to ask if you’re at risk of “Low T” and in need of testosterone replacement therapy.

First, let’s discuss what exactly is testosterone.

Testosterone is a male sex hormone produced in—you guessed it—the testes. Testosterone levels are what generally determine a number of health factors like muscle mass, bone density and red blood cell count.

Most men have T levels somewhere between 300 and 1,000 ng/l. Now, it is important to remember a drop in testosterone is both natural and doesn’t always mean your officially Low T.

The only way to be sure if somebody is Low T is to visit a doctor. A thorough conversations with a licensed physician and a handful of blood tests will determine as much.

Some symptoms of Low T to look out for are as obvious as erectile dysfunction and hot flashes or subtle as fluctuating sex drive and weight gain. In rare cased, penis size can also take a hit from Low T.

Luckily, for anybody diagnosed with Low T can be eligible for testosterone therapy.

This comes in the form of injections, administered by your doctor directly into yet gluteal muscles locates in the buttocks—in unique cases, the patient may be allowed to self-administer the injection into their thighs.

The benefits of testosterone therapy include increased muscle mass, stronger bones, a sharp rise in libido and an all-around better mood.

Note that testosterone therapy simply increases your levels back to normal. It does not unfortunately “cure” Low T. The problem will persist, requiring continual visits. At least testosterone injections are relatively inexpensive.

In all, testosterone therapy have helped countless men. But there is always hope a simple change in diet and exercise routine can kick your T levels back into gear.

Schedule an appointment at Capital Medical Associates if you may be suffering from Low T.

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