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More Women Getting Lower-Back Tattoos Removed

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With Lower-Back Tattoos Falling out of Vogue, Women Are Getting Them Removed

Everybody needs a second a chance. That especially rings true to the tons of women rethinking a tattoo of theirs.
In fact, 70 percent of the Americans undergoing tattoo removal are women.

And that number is growing. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reported a huge 37 percent increase in 2015 alone.

This expansion could be a result of the ever-changing fashion scene.

Illinois dermatologist Jessie Chung, MD, says there is one particular area that her patients are asking about more than anywhere else.

“They come in for tattoos on their lowerback – the ‘tramp stamp,’” Dr. Chung said. “As lasers are becoming more demystified, women are realizing that they don’t need to live with tattoos that are from a previous lifetime.”

If the sound of lasers raises some concerns of any potential pain, you are not alone.

Judy Silvero, RN of the Cosmetic Skin Institute in Washington DC states that women’s number one concern when considering a series of tattoo removal treatments is the pain.

“Patients are pleasantly surprised that once we numb the area with our topical numbing cream and apply ice, the treatment is virtually pain free,” said Silvero.

Dr. Chung also finds that pain is a hot topic for potential tattoo removal patients.

“The good news is that there are very strong topical numbing creams on the market now,” Dr. Chung reassured any anxious prospects. “They’re applied to the tattoo prior to treatment. You can really have a comfortable experience.”

Patients are also often left upset after their first treatment because of the lack of instant results.

Michigan plastic surgeon Anthony Youn, MD, was happy to provide some insight on the matter.

“It works by the laser destroying the pigment in the tattoo.” Dr. Youn said. “Each color of a tattoo is destroyed using a different wavelength in the laser, and until recently it could sometimes necessitate multiple lasers to clear a complex tattoo, along with 10 or more treatments sometimes.”

In short, don’t be discouraged after your first couple of treatments. When the ink is finally gone, so will your dismay.

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