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The Spread of STDs

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You might not realize how at risk you are for certain STDs. Atlanta continues to be the worst in the nation, generally, for STDs. Recent shocking statistics showed that 1 in 50 Atlantans would be diagnosed positive for HIV in their lifetime.

You might be even more shocked to find out, however, if you’re native to Washington DC you’re at an even higher risk. The lifetime risk for HIV in DC is 1 in 13–making you more than three times more likely to contract HIV in DC than Atlanta.

The Numbers Don’t Lie, but They Might Not Mean What You Think

Surprisingly, sometimes a spike in documented cases is a good thing. It can mean that, rather than some arbitrary increase in cases, more and more people are going to get tested.

In Atlanta, where recent years have shown higher STD rates, this is the case. The public health system in Atlanta is working round the clock to make sure people get tested.

It’s of course never a good thing to see high rates of disease. But if the alternative is individuals unaware of their own health status and posing a public health risk, then it’s obviously preferable.

Catching Diseases Early

Catching a disease like HIV early is paramount. Modern medicine has made HIV a livable condition, but it’s important to understand that the damage of HIV is cumulative.

By the time HIV has done enough damage that a patient’s condition can be said to have progressed to AIDs, they’ve done enough damage to their immune system that the prognosis is quite bleak.

To put it in somewhat crude terms, we only have so much immune system to go around, and modern HIV medication works to prevent the erosion of the immune system.

It’s important to get tested–even if you feel you’ve been safe. Knowledge is power. If you want to know more, call Capital Medical Associates in Washington DC.

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