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6 Tips for a Healthy 2019

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Now that it’s the start of the new year, it’s time to begin anew. The year’s barely started, and maybe you’ve even remained steadfast in sticking to your New Year’s resolution.

But keeping a New Year’s Resolution isn’t the only way to take care of yourself and move forward. Making a general commitment to stay healthy can set you off on the right foot for the year — and the rest of your life.

Here are six ways to stay healthy in 2019!

1. Make an Appointment for a Regular Screening

The best thing you can do to take care of yourself, when it comes to health, is to prevent problems before they occur. That’s why regular screening is important, and this only gets more important the older you get. Make that appointment today!

2. Wash Your Hands!

So simple and so necessary! Washing your hands prevents the spread of disease. It’s the easiest thing in the world to do. So get to it!

3. Eat Healthier

This one’s perennially on the list, but it’s true more than ever. It’s also easier than ever to eat healthily, affordably, and even tastily at the same time. Get your fruits and vegetables in!

4. Exercise Regularly

It’s important to stay active. Now, this might mean renewing your gym subscription, but not necessarily! Just 20 minutes a day of active exercise can make a huge difference — at the very least you can take a walk.

5. Make a Commitment to Stop Smoking

This applies to you smokers out there. This is the year to quit smoking — especially if it’s your New Year’s Resolution. It’s possibly the biggest thing you can do for your health.

6. Sleep More!

Isn’t this the tip that everyone wants to do but nobody can? Americans are chronically sleep deprived, and if you make a commitment to get 8 hours of sleep every day instead of 6, you’re already way ahead of the curve.

Those are just a few of the things you can do to maintain your health this year, so get to it! Make it a great 2019.

If you want to know more, call Capital Medical Associates today to schedule your appointment.

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