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Bucket Lists and Adventures: Are You Ready to Travel Abroad This Year?

Bucket Lists and Adventures: Are You Ready to Travel Abroad This Year?

Uncharted territory can be equal parts rewarding and dangerous. But don’t bog your traveling heart down with the boring logistics of pre-travel risk assessment.

The medical professionals at Capital Center for Travel and Tropical Medicine–including Dr. Bruce Rashbaum, Dr. Theo Hodge and Mary Beth Adler–offer a top-notch travel clinic that will take care of the most important medical particulars for you.

We provide a full array of vaccinations and information on destination-specific travel precautions and diagnosis and treatment of travel-related diseases.

Capital Center for Travel and Tropical Medicine is a full service international travel health center located in Washington, DC.

The center is an official Yellow Fever Vaccination site. We provide accurate health information from the most up to date travel medicine sources, including the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Travel Clinic Washington DC

But still, one study in the Journal of Travel Medicine found that about 85 percent of adventure travelers do not properly prepare themselves of the potential risks.

When you visit our travel clinic, we will review your personal itinerary and health history to complete a detailed risk assessment. There are a number of topics we go over to make sure you remain safe. Any and all of your questions will be answered, confidentially and professionally.

By reviewing your immunization history, as well as age and health condition, we can recommend any vaccines you may need.

There may even be vaccine requirements before applying for a visa that you need to know about so it is always best to try and schedule your visit with us at least six weeks ahead of your departure.

The Travel Clinic has tons of information on tropical illnesses – scary stuff like Dengue, Zika, or malaria – and how to best prevent them.

If a traveler is not up-to-date with routine immunizations, we may advise him or her to have them updated. The most commonly recommended shots are measles, mumps, and rubella; and tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis (Tdap).

Antibiotics are hard to keep up with but we do it and review your individual risk factors and suggest what would be ideal for you to take. Appropriate vaccinations and medication prescriptions are generally provided at the time of your initial consultation.

No traveler is the same and neither is any country you may be visiting. Each one has its own safety concerns and our goal is to help you minimize them and travel with supreme confidence.

Please call 202-450-5778 to schedule a pre-travel appointment. Remember to meet with us several weeks before your travel date.

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