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Corporate Travel Medicine in Washington DC

Capital Medical Associates provides a wide range of travel health services to meet the needs of today’s busy Washington DC traveler.

Don’t take any serious risks with your health traveling into dangerous parts of the world you may not be familiar with.

Our travel medicine protocols keep us up to date with the latest innovations of health developments so we can advise you accurately for your travel health needs and health protections.

Our corporate travel mission is straight forward:

“To provide professional health management, convenient and cost-effective travel health and vaccination services to patient/clients, and business or services groups in Washington DC metro area.

We view that through our commitment, the worldly public will be protected from vaccine-preventable and little known diseases in our world resulting in improved wellness domestically and nationally. Expect tailored attention with an emphasis on safety, reliability, communication and high level satisfaction.”

-Bruce, Rashbaum, MD,FACP

Listed below are many of the services we provide. If you are in need of a travel medical service you don’t see listed here please contact us.

We will do whatever we can to be of service to you!

  • Vacationers
  • Travelers
  • Tour Groups
  • Government officials
  • Missionaries
  • Geologists/Biologists
  • Professional Photographers
  • Movie Industry
  • Business Travelers
  • International Corporations

Services at the Travel Clinic include:

  • Pre-travel counseling.
  • Post-travel medical evaluations for individuals and large groups.
  • Information and treatment to minimize risk of minor illnesses and major medical emergencies.
  • Updates on immunization requirements.
  • Travel orientation programs on immunization, local health problems and preventative care guidelines tailored to different countries.

Our Travel Clinic staff welcomes the opportunity to serve corporate and private groups.

Please contact us for pre-travel counseling and post-travel medical evaluations for large groups. We are also available to teach sessions and to create medical programs for large groups.

We are happy to serve you with additional medical information and travel related publications.

Please feel free to call or write us for further details or for a demonstration of our comprehensive international travel package.

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