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7 Secrets to Help You Travel More This Year | Travel Clinics Washington DC

In Washington DC, travel clinics see many who travel extensively for business. But did you know that they can also help those who travel for pleasure? Here are our tips for how best to properly prepare for traveling more in 2020.

1. Pare Down & Pack Light

Look at cutting unnecessary expenses so that you can contribute more to your travel fund. This can mean signing up for a streaming service and cutting cable or opting to make lunch at home instead of eating out during the work day.

Also, consider the power of packing lightly. Keeping your luggage to a minimum makes traveling simpler. However, don’t skimp on these items.

2. Don’t Discount Weekend Getaways

Consider taking short flights or road trips to nearby places you haven’t explored. Consider your interests and search for places to visit within a hundred miles. Take a look at travel websites and see what sales they have on plane tickets to domestic locations. Travel Clinics Washington DC

3. Use Points!

Many have adopted this travel hack to make traveling to more expensive locations within their budget. Sign up for a credit card that offers miles or has companion points that cover lodging and the like for when you travel.

4. Look for Discounts on Lodging

Most lodging websites like AirBnB have referral programs. Websites such as have rewards programs that incur free nights after so many stays. Many hotel brands also offer brand specific rewards for staying at their hotels (and often have perks too!).

5. Travel Where Your Currency is Strongest

Make your travel dollar stretch even further by selecting destinations where your currency is stronger. Your budget with stretch further, and often you’ll find these are the most rewarding trips anyway. Thailand is a favorite destination among visitors to our travel clinic.

6. Make Travel Work for You

If you’re in a position to do so, travel for work. If you’re able to work remotely, you can often arrange travel in such a way that allows you to both explore and meet your work goals.

7. Be Prepared Medically

Before you travel abroad, make sure that you are prepared with a trip to your local travel clinics in Washington DC. Preparation varies for each patient and each destination. Typically, you will need to make sure your vaccines are updated and that you have an adequate supply of prescription medication. Beyond that, certain destinations may require more extensive preparation.

Travel Clinics | Washington DC

If you’re gearing up for a big year of travel, whether for business or pleasure, feel free to schedule an appointment to make sure that you’re all set. Give our office a call at (202) 822-6311 or fill out our contact form.



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