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Urgent Care vs. Same Day Sick Care

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Many people are often confused to understand the difference between urgent care vs. same day sick care.

Knowing who to see regularly, if an appointment is required, and where to receive a diagnosis are just a few of the questions you will want to know the answer to before you are sick.

The Difference Between Urgent Care vs. Same Day Sick Care

When you or a loved one have become ill the last thing you want to do is begin your research regarding which health care service or facility is appropriate.

Below you may find some of the main differences when it comes to differentiating between urgent care vs. same day sick care.

Urgent Care

  • Urgent care is also commonly referred to as immediate care.
  • This service is traditionally reserved for an injury that is too urgent to wait for a primary care appointment.
  • Long wait times are common since there are no appointment slots.
  • You will usually not be seen by a MD during your visit.
  • This is traditionally reserved for those who are extremely sick and require immediate attention.
  • Urgent care clinics usually have extended hours and may even be open on holidays.

Same Day Sick Care

  • Usually requires an appointment.
  • You are typically able to see an MD during your visit.
  • Commonly visited for issues such as the cold, flu, sore throat, minor injuries, aches and pains.
  • This service is ideal if your illness does not require urgent attention.
  • Traditionally you are seen by a family doctor who knows your past medical history.

Capital Medical Associates

At Capital Medical Associates we offer urgent care and same day sick appointments to our patients.

Dr. Bruce Rashbaum and his staff of dedicated health care professionals take the time to care for your health concerns.

To learn more about the services offered at Capital Medical Associates or to schedule an appointment call us today at (202)552-1912.

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