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Learning About Medical Marijuana

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You may have heard about medical marijuana–and perhaps you’re skeptical. While both marijuana for medical use in Washington DC and even recreational use is gaining acceptance, there are still many who have their doubts.

Why? Partially, cannabis has been so heavily stigmatized for so long. Not just among citizens, but it’s been a topic that’s been untouchable for politicians and even the scientists who study the substance.

As many as 53 percent legalization writ large–to say nothing of the specific application of medical marijuana.

What’s Causing the Change?

For one thing, more and more people are realizing the real medical benefits to be had from marijuana. To say nothing of the contentious political issue surrounding its recreational use, there are many serious conditions that can be treated.

These include chronic pain conditions that, previously, could have been debilitating–along with those that cause seizures and convulsions, all of which can be helped with medical marijuana.

It includes serious mental health issues, including anxiety and depression.

It was only a decade ago that marijuana was so heavily stigmatized that anyone with a career to bank would hardly touch it. But now, medical marijuana is an option in 23 states–a number that will only continue to grow.

States that have legalized it outright meanwhile have a growing sector of their economy, while attracting tourism.

The Start of Something New

It’s not just acceptance. It’s research. As medical marijuana especially gains widespread acceptance, the ability to actually research the substance grows–arming those in favor of it with the information they need to find new ways to help others.

If you suffer from a condition that can be ameliorated by medical marijuana, then you’re not alone.

Want to know more about medical marijuana, how you can obtain it, and whether it’s right for you? Call Capital Medical Associates to schedule an appointment today with Dr. Bruce Rashbaum who is one of the few physicians in Washington DC who has the ability to prescribe marijuana.

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