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What Is an Executive Physical? All About This New Trend

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Corporate America knows that its employees, especially those with the most responsibilities, need to be in good shape to perform at their best.

Many companies are now featuring an executive physical both as a perk and a safeguard for C-level talent. So, what is an executive physical?

How does an Executive Physical Differ from a Regular One?

Top-tier or senior employees are often granted an executive physical. This comprehensive medical exam generally falls on one day to minimize interfering with a busy schedule.

Beyond that, this appointment combines all the routine screenings of a normal physical but reduces the need for follow-up appointments. Tests, discussions, and procedures take place on the same day.

What Screenings Can I Expect?

Most executive physicals require consulting with one or more specialists. Although this varies between organizations, this type of physical generally includes some or all of the following:

  • A review of your general health and medical history.
  • Extensive preventative screenings, such as a skin cancer check.
  • Cardiovascular evaluation and coaching.
  • Reviewing and updating medications and vaccines.
  • One-on-one opportunity to go over your health with an executive primary care physician.
  • Lifestyle evaluation.
  • An appointment specialist who makes sure that follow-up appointments are convenient and efficiently scheduled.
  • Personnel who manage your insurance claims and make sure that claims are resolved without hassle.

What Does an Executive Physical Cost?

Typically, your employer pays for this physical, rather than your insurance company, which averages $1,000-5,000.

How Much Time Do I Need for an Executive Physical?

Most executive physicals require that a day be set aside for the appointment and tests. In some cases, follow up appointments need to be made. Often and when possible, physicians will follow up with phone calls or video calls.

For executives with complex medical needs, this physical can take a few days. However, a dedicated appointment specialist will coordinate appointments to fit the executive’s busy schedule.

What Makes an Executive Physical Better?

Executive physicals aren’t necessarily better than regular ones—they’re just scheduled differently and paid for by an employer. Executives do have the benefit of having a more in-depth discussion with a physician, in order to look for underlying medical conditions.

Who Needs an Executive Physical?

Employers that want to verify their most important executives can handle the rigors of the job may require an executive physical.

If the job demands quite a bit of travel, an employer may need to verify that the executive can handle these changes and manage them appropriately. An executive physical is an investment not only in the executive as an employee, but also in the continuity of operations.

Will My Insurance Plan Cover an Executive Physical?

What is an executive physical, after all? It’s an employee perk; therefore, it’s traditionally covered by the company.

To learn more about how we can be of service should you require an executive physical, contact Capital Medical Associates at (202) 822-6311.

We understand the needs of executive’s lifestyles and how to balance that with quality health care.

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