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Women’s Health Being Attacked

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The Affordable Care Act has yet to be repealed but that did not stop House Republicans from threatening women’s health coverage at the annual Appropriations process in July.

The House Appropriations Committee finished considerations of the annual spending bills for 2018, including The Labor, Health, and Education bill.

This bill puts an end to funding for Title X family planning clinics. These are the clinics providing both men and women affordable cancer screenings, STD testing, and contraception.

Republicans think community and local health centers can take care of Title X patients on their own. Not true—not possible. Community health center leaders in New York are on record saying they do not have the resources to meet the demand of cuts to Title X family planning.

There are women all over the country whose lives depend on this funding, the country Trump and his administration swore they would put first. Stripping them of this assistance should not be a partisan issue.

The House majority are also pushing for abstinence-only education, turning away from the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program (TPPP).

Republican policy riders and their support of women’s health has to be called into question.

Republicans, with control of Congress, blocked a number of amendments offered by Democrats that protect women’s right to free birth control, preserves funding for Title X, and puts an end to the Global Gag Rule (which requires any organization accepting foreign assistance to oppose abortion).

Taxpayer dollars ought to be spent on keeping American citizens safe, healthy and secure.

This is an attack on women, and because of that it is an attack on this country—a country that stands for equality and empowerment for every gender.

If Republicans do not support that, they do not and should not represent us.

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