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Women’s Health DC: Why Primary Care is Self-Care

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March is National Women’s History month. While we celebrate the accomplishments of women throughout history, we should also prioritize women’s health DC. Women often prioritize the care of others before themselves.

This Women’s History Month, we challenge women to look at taking care of their health as important form of self-care.

Why Primary Care is Important

Whether it’s avoiding medical treatment due to cost or fear, many women are putting off visiting their medical provider. However, this strategy can backfire.

Regular check ups with your primary care doctor help prevent small issues from becoming more serious. Common women’s health issues include cardiovascular disease, cancer of the reproductive organs and breast cancer, autoimmune diseases, and depression/anxiety.

Women’s Health DC: Physical Exam

At an annual check-up, women can speak with their provider about quitting smoking, weight loss, or changes in mood. Beyond this, base lines for vitals like blood pressure and cholesterol can be taken.

Looking at how these levels over time allow doctors to evaluate whether a problem is developing. Then, medication or treatment from a specialist can be recommended.

Lifestyle recommendations can be evaluated and recommendations for changes can be made at your yearly exam. Oftentimes, when caught early, many minor issues can be solved by making a lifestyle change.

Updating Your Vaccinations

While there is a lot of awareness around how important it is to vaccinate children, adults need regular boosters as well. A yearly visit to your primary care doctor ensures that you remain protected from many preventable diseases.

Furthermore, as you age, your vaccination needs differ. Healthy adults over age 50 should be vaccinated for shingles infection.women's health dc


Receiving the appropriate preventative care, including testing, allows women to be healthy enough to effectively carry out their roles as care takers. Some tests your primary care doctor may recommend are:

  • Mammogram
  • Colonoscopy
  • Blood tests for conditions like: elevated cholesterol, kidney or liver disease, anemia, or diabetes
  • Pap smear
  • Tests related to fertility

One of the benefits of having a relationship with your doctor is that he or she can determine whether specialty care is needed. When you sign up for concierge care, you can receive lab results over the phone and avoid disruption to your schedule.

Women’s Health DC

While bubble baths and wine can make up a part of self-care, prioritizing women’s health with appropriate lifestyle changes and regular visits to your doctor should be too. If you’re looking for the best primary care provider in DC, give our office a call at (202) 822-6311 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Rashbaum.



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